Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Hey guys (and gals), it’s Camila, welcome back to BookWorm! Today I will be reviewing the famous book series by Rick Riordan, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, a book series about Greek Gods and Demi-Gods.

Percy Jackson is an action-packed book series with everything a book nerd like me could possibly want (and maybe a little more):

Action, Drama, Comedy, Fantasy, Monsters, Mythology, Plot Twists, Great Characters and more!

Because of SOME violence, and complicated plot twists and ideas I’d say around 9+ age wise, but whatever floats your boat. If you’re 8 and you’re thinking “aw man!”, go for it! Read a few chapters, test it out!

Just a warning though, in the beginning of the lightning thief (see picture), there is a drunk character and some romance later on in the series, but nothing to be worried about if you are a parent. Also, there is a lot of dying heroically, but it is not described in A LOT of detail, but some blood is to be read. Again, around 9+, for these reasons.

Disclaimer (not really): Once you start reading Percy Jackson, then you have to keep reading ALL of Rick Riordans other series, because they all tie into each other in the cleverest of ways, with many revelations that will bring an “ooh” to your mouth!

His other series include: The Heroes Of Olympus, The Kane Chronicles, Magnus Chase, and The Trials Of Apollo.

Now, for my Postly “how would I describe this series/book in 3-4 words”

Hilarious, Keeps-You-On-Your-Toes, Geniusly-Contrived, Spellbinding

Thanks for reading, BookWorms.

Until Next Time,