Diary of A Wimpy Kid

Hey People! It’s Camila here, and welcome back to BookWorm! Today I’ll be reviewing the Bestseller Series by Jeff Kinney, Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

I am personally, not the biggest fan of the series myself, as I find some of the humor annoying, and I find it portrays family and school life as something to dislike instead of to enjoy, even when the main character is in summer he doesn’t seem to enjoy it as much as any other middle schooler that I know! Despite this, my sister seems to enjoy it, so I am reviewing it nonetheless.

This series is great for those “kids” who are in that “awkward age” who are not quite BIG KIDS but are not quite KIDS either (fifth or sixth grade maybe). It has a type of “crude” humor that some children would enjoy. But, the thing it shows best, is that some things are unfair in life and sometimes you just have to deal with that.

Age-wise, The series is directed for a middle school audience, but I think many lower schoolers could enjoy the books too, so I would say 7+.

Now, for my postly “how would I describe this book/series in 3-4 words?”

Funny, To-The-Point, Clever-ish

That’s all for now!

Happy Reading,