Because of Mr. Terupt

Hello fellow readers! It’s Camila here and welcome back to BookWorm! Today I’ll be reviewing the touching book by Rob Buyea, Because Of Mr. Terupt

Because of Mr. Terupt, the first book out of the three in the series, is about how one very special teacher brought seven very diverse students closer together and into a friendship that will last them a lifetime. After a tragedy strikes their fifth grade classroom, the seven friends band together to make it through the tough times. This masterfully crafted story is told through the points of view of seven different students.

Jeffrey: Jeffrey HATES school, and everything about it. But not for just any reason, he carries a secret, and that burden makes him an outcast normally seen alone, away from the other students. Deep down Jeffery is a warm, kind hearted person, he just needs someone to help him open up.

Alexia: Alexia is what you would call the typical “mean girl”, she’s fashion forward and full of sass. She’s bossy and often starts mini “wars” in her class manipulating the other kids and causing resentment between them. But over the course of the book we see great change in her attitude and how she views other people.

Anna: Anna is a shy girl who’s best friend is her young, single mom. Anna has trouble making new friends, because of her shyness, and she keeps out of the “wars” that Alexia starts. Throughout the book we see her character develop greatly.

Danielle: Danielle is a slightly overweight girl who gets teased because of it. She lives on a farm with her big family, so she does well in projects that involve growing plants. Throughout the book, she comes to terms with herself and makes new friends along the way. She is very kindhearted, and sweet.

Luke: Some would call Luke the “typical smart kid” but there is more to Luke than meets the eye. He is really sweet and he really brings people together. He becomes fast friends with Jessica, and even takes up wrestling.

Peter: Peter is the class prankster, and he has a kind of love/hate relationship with Alexia. He constantly plays pranks on people, especially Alexia. However, he has a sweet side too, after a tragedy involving their beloved teacher he becomes quieter, less impulsive. He becomes good friends with a younger kid when they visit a “special needs” classroom.

Jessica: Jessica is the new girl, and bookworm of the seven. (Like us!). She just moved to the area and is still getting used to the new environment. She is coping with her parent’s divorce and at first is shy, but soon she opens up. That being said, she also helps Jeffrey open up and he finally tells her his secret. She also loves acting and theater.

I’d say Because of Mr. Terupt is for ages 8-9+. This is because of the tragedy and there are some various other sad parts that not all kids might like. Overall, Because of Mr. Terupt is a great book to read by yourself, with friends, and/or with family.

Now, for my postly, “how I describe this book in 3-4 words”

Masterfully-crafted, a page-turner, and unique.

You will truly never encounter another book like this one!

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    1. Hi Ms. Alicia, thank you for supporting me, I appreciate the positive feedback :). I hope you are doing well. šŸ˜‰ God bless you too.


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