The Map To Everywhere

Hey BookWorms! Today I’ll be reviewing this unique book by the writer couple Carrie Ryan and John Parke Davis, The Map to Everywhere.

The Map to Everywhere is unlike any book I’ve seen or read before, it is told from the perspective of two children, who eventually become best friends.

The Map to Everywhere tells the story of Fin and Marrill.

Fin: Fin is a thief who is easily forgotten, he can steal from a shop then convince the owner that he saw the thief run in the opposite direction. Or he can have the same conversation all morning and no one would suspect a thing. He is looking for his real mother, because no one else except for her has ever remembered him. So he is shocked when he meets Marrill and finds out that she doesn’t forget him, not even when she returns to her own world. She is Fin’s first real friend.

Marrill: Marrill is a girl who’s always lived a life of adventure, traveling the world…And never staying in one place for more than six months. But her mom is sick and it looks as if Marrill might have to bid farewell to her life of travel and adventure. But one day she is walking around and she finds herself in a parking lot–staring at endless water as far as the eye can see, and what’s more, there’s a huge ship bobbing in the water. Soon Marrill finds herself wrapped up in the best kind of adventure, a magic adventure.

Marill and Fin find themselves alongside a crew that consists of aging but cheerful wizard Ardent, a young but skilled captain Coll, and a magic “RopeBone” man. On a quest to stop the Lost Sun of Dzannin from dawning and to assemble the Bintheyr Map to Everywhere before the evil wizard Serth.

Now for my postly “how would I describe this book in 3-4 words”

Captivating, Touching, Unique.

Keep reading BookWorms,


P.S. Funner was added to the dictionary! 😉

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