Aru Shah and the End Of Time

Greetings BookWorms, today I’ll be reviewing the Laugh-Inducing, informative novel about Hindi mythology by Rosani Chokshi, Aru Shah and the End of Time.

Aru Shah lives with her mom above the Museum of Ancient Indian Art and Culture. She tries hard to fit in with the rest of the kids at her fancy private school, and in doing so often lies and makes up stories of her “luxurious” lifestyle. One day three kids visited the museum, hoping to finally disprove one of Aru’s lies. Aru desperately wants to impress them so she brags that the museum—her museum—has a cursed lamp. The kids sneer and dare her to prove it. So, against her better judgement, she did, she lit the lamp and let out the Sleeper; a demon who’s mission is to let out the evil Lord Shiva who wants to destroy the mortal world. And all she has to do is find the five legendary Pandava brothers and go on a treacherous journey through the Kingdom of Death. Easy Peasy.

This book is a great read if you want a gripping page turner that teaches you about Hindi mythology with a witty and sassy protagonist that makes you smile every single chapter. However there is mild violence, although there is no bad language and no gore. Additionally it is a book meant to be read by a middle school audience with a slightly complex plot, so I recommend around 9-11+ age wise. But overall, I think that whatever your age you will enjoy this unique book!

The characters in this book are charismatic and humorous and will invoke strong emotions in you, whether you laugh out loud or choke up. This brilliantly written novel won’t be found lying around, discarded, in your room anytime soon.

Now, for my postly “How would I describe this book in three to four words”

Laugh-inducing, Informative, Thrilling

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